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Farewell to chemotherapy patients with cold hair loss with the help of a cold hat

Dr. Mostafa Sarvizadeh, head of Ayatollah Yathribi Hospital, said: “Cold hat is a new way to prevent hair loss due to chemotherapy that is used for cancer patients.”
“CIA is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy-induced hair loss,” he said. “Because of the effect of the drug on hair follicles, most hair falls out two weeks after starting chemotherapy.”
Dr. Sarvizadeh added: “Cold hat is a device that is used to prevent hair loss to a large extent by using it during chemotherapy sessions.”
Referring to the function of the cold cap, he said: “This device can reduce hair loss by reducing the temperature of the scalp before, during and after chemotherapy by reducing the blood supply to the hair follicles.”
The head of Ayatollah Yathribi Hospital, referring to the fact that radiotherapy, chemotherapy and brachytherapy wards have been allocated to cancer patients in this complex, said: “This device has been purchased with a credit of 5 billion Rials and has been provided to patients.” Is.