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88% were urban emergency missions and 22% were road missions

Dr. Jafar Miadfar stated in a press conference with the media: The country’s emergency organization took significant measures during the Corona days by dedicating 19 martyrs and infecting 10,000 personnel with coronas during their missions.
He continued: “Emergency forces were able to inject more than two million doses of vaccine to our compatriots in a period of two months, but at the moment we are no longer active in this field.”
The head of the country’s emergency services, stating that 50 air bases, two naval bases, more than 5,000 ambulances are active in the emergency fleet, said: “More than 3,000 emergency ambulances are more than 10 years old.” 24,000 people serve in the emergency services, 21,000 of whom are operational forces.
Referring to the number of missions carried out in the first eight months of this year, Dr. Miadfar said: “More than 3,288,080 missions have been completed during this period, of which 2,536,534 are urban missions.” have been. Of the total number of missions, 723,271 were road missions and this year, compared to last year, the number of missions has increased by 15%.
He added: “88% of the missions were urban emergencies and 22% were road missions, and this shows that we should pay more attention to cities because the mission capacity is high in cities.” There were also 542,294 missions related to traffic accidents. In 422,775 missions, the patient was transferred to a medical center.