Moheb Salamat Iranian Company (Shamsa)


Periodic validation visit of Moheb Kowsar Hospital

Achieving the first degree by the Ministry of Health and Education in 1400

Farewell to chemotherapy patients with cold hair loss with the help of a cold hat

Dr. Mostafa Sarvizadeh, head of Ayatollah Yathribi Hospital, said: “Cold hat is a new way to prevent hair loss due to chemotherapy that is used for cancer patients.”“CIA is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy-induced hair loss,” he said. “Because of the effect of the drug on hair follicles, most hair falls…

History of Shamsa

Moheb Salamat Iranian Company (Private Joint Stock Company), which is abbreviated as “Shamsa”, was established on 03/18/1695 in the Tehran Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions Registration Office, No. 493083. Shamsa shares belong to the Board of Trustees of Foreign Exchange Savings in the treatment of patientsMoheb Salamat Iranian Company in the field of management, control and…