Moheb Salamat Iranian Company (Shamsa)

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فوق متخصص ترین پزشکان غدد در دسترس بیماران نیازمند ایرانی

Head of Department: Dr. Dr. Bahrami (Orthopedic Surgeon)

Head Nurse: Mr. Keyvan Hosseinzadeh

Direct phone number: 42193430 -42193431

Internal telephone numbers: 42702, internal 430 and 431

Aseman ward welcomes patients for the following surgeries:

1) Neurosurgery including: lumbar disc surgery – cervical disc – brain tumor – spinal canal, lumbar and cervical stenosis – nerve neurolysis – sclerosis – spinal tumors

2- Orthopedic surgery including: Knee replacement – Pelvic joint replacement – Types of fractures ACL-PCL – Osteotomy – Shoulder surgery – Halgus valgus – Bone tumors

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