Moheb Salamat Iranian Company (Shamsa)

بیمارستان کوثر(انگلیسی)

Moheb Kowsar Hospital: Welfare facilities

Rooms of Moheb Kowsar Hospital All rooms have direct dial telephone, TV, refrigerator and freezer, separate bathroom, smart bed, nurse call and sofa bed to accompany the patient. There is also a daily food menu for companions and patients. bag The patient’s bag includes: slippers, wardrobe, operating room gun and tissue.Special bag for mother and…

Periodic validation visit of Moheb Kowsar Hospital

Achieving the first degree by the Ministry of Health and Education in 1400

Policies of Moheb Kowsar Hospital

Pay special attention to patient satisfaction with a customer-centric and customer-friendly approachPrioritizing moral and human issues over economic issues in dealing with the patientThe inevitability of patient safety in Moheb Kowsar Hospital as a principleDealing with respect and kindness of the staff and managers of this hospital with each other and with the clientsAttract specialized,…

Our duty

Patient Support Institute (Moheb), a non-profit organization in the field of treatment was established in 2003. With the aim of “health for all” of new methods, to develop desirable medical services for the Iranian community. This institute has been recognized as a model non-governmental organization supporting the research and the top national entrepreneur. With the attitude of partnership between the public and private sectors and using the strengths of both sectors, this institute has provided a suitable platform for providing desirable medical services and has been able to take effective steps to satisfy patients.

The vision of Moheb Kowsar Hospital:

Excelling in popularity and high quality of services in the field of medical treatment, in the country :The mission of Moheb Kowsar Hospital Moheb Kowsar Hospital considers its mission to improve the health of the community or provide safe and effective specialized and sub-specialized services for treatment and education of the patients by taking advantage…

Moheb Kowsar Hospital policies:

*Special attention to patient satisfaction with a customer-centric and a customer-friendly vision. *Priority of moral and humanitarian issues against economic issues in confrontation with the patients. *Unavoidability of patient safety in Moheb Kowsar Hospital as a principle. .Kind and respectful behavior of the hospital staff and managers with one another and with the clients*  .Employing…