Moheb Salamat Iranian Company (Shamsa)

مجموعه شمسا(انگلیسی)

Honest service to patients

We are proud that we are serving our valuable compatriots with the leading and exemplary hospitals of this complex, and in this regard, we have been able to satisfy you, and we believe that by trying and challenging ourselves, we should be better every day and stay stagnant in the dictionary. Moheb Salamat Iranian Company…

Hope and peace for all

With the example of Moheb, we seek to offer and spread hope, peace and the best health care in the whole country.

Activities of Shamsa Company

Establishment, development, improvement and development of educational and medical spaces in the countryMaintain, promote and improve the health of the communityCreating a suitable platform for everyone to use appropriate medical servicesCivil partnership with individuals and legal entities and cooperation with hospitals and medical centers to rebuild quality upgrades, equipment, management and operationProviding services to patients…

History of Shamsa

Moheb Salamat Iranian Company (Private Joint Stock Company), which is abbreviated as “Shamsa”, was established on 03/18/1695 in the Tehran Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions Registration Office, No. 493083. Shamsa shares belong to the Board of Trustees of Foreign Exchange Savings in the treatment of patientsMoheb Salamat Iranian Company in the field of management, control and…