Moheb Salamat Iranian Company (Shamsa)


Our duty

Patient Support Institute (Moheb), a non-profit organization in the field of treatment was established in 2003. With the aim of “health for all” of new methods, to develop desirable medical services for the Iranian community. This institute has been recognized as a model non-governmental organization supporting the research and the top national entrepreneur. With the attitude of partnership between the public and private sectors and using the strengths of both sectors, this institute has provided a suitable platform for providing desirable medical services and has been able to take effective steps to satisfy patients.

History of Shamsa

Moheb Salamat Iranian Company (Private Joint Stock Company), which is abbreviated as “Shamsa”, was established on 03/18/1695 in the Tehran Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions Registration Office, No. 493083. Shamsa shares belong to the Board of Trustees of Foreign Exchange Savings in the treatment of patientsMoheb Salamat Iranian Company in the field of management, control and…