Moheb Salamat Iranian Company (Shamsa)

Farewell to chemotherapy patients with cold hair loss with the help of a cold hat

Dr. Mostafa Sarvizadeh, head of Ayatollah Yathribi Hospital, said: “Cold hat is a new way to prevent hair loss due to chemotherapy that is used for cancer patients.”“CIA is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy-induced hair loss,” he said. “Because of the effect of the drug on hair follicles, most hair falls…

24-hour reception at Moheb Kowsar Hospital
Moheb Kowsar Hospital: From admission to discharge
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عضو مجلس الإدارة
Dr ebrahim kochaki

Neurologist President of Kashan University of Medical Sciences

Chairman of the Board
Engineer Mahmoud Jamali

Former representative of Kashan people in the parliament

Managing Director
Mr. Reza Nanakar
The head of the hospital
Dr Mustafa Sarvizadeh

Specialist in radiology and oncology